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> Home
This website is the source of the NBI™ and should provide everything you need to know about the NBI™ and its application.

> About Us
Find out about our company –  Whole Brain Thinking Pty Ltd.

> The NBI™ Instrument
About the NBI Instrument
NBI Instruments available
What is the brain profile
Research Findings
Who is Kobus Neethling
Frequently Asked Questions

> Instruments Available
A list of the Neethling Brain Instruments available.
- NBI™ Adult Instrument
- NBI™ Teacher/Trainer Instrument
- NBI™ Student Instrument
- NBI™ Parenting Instrument
- NBI™ Leadership Instrument
- NBI™ Relationship Instrument
- NBI™ Creativity Instrument
- NBI™ Learning Instrument
- NBI™ Personal Skills Instrument
- NBI™ Personal Negativity Instrument

Neethling Sport Preference Instruments
- NBI™ Rugby Instrument
- NBI™ Rugby Referee Instrument
- NBI™ Rugby Skills Instrument
- NBI™ Soccer Instrument
- NBI™ Golf Instrument
- NBI™ Cricket Instrument - Coming Soon
- NBI™ Tennis Instrument

Organisational Instruments
- The Organisational Wellness Instrument
- The Organisational Negativity Instrument

> Become a Practitioner
To use the NBI™ as a facilitator, coach, trainer or consultant, you must first complete the NBI™ practitioner licensing program.

>> NBI Scoring
How does it work?

>> Examples of Application
Some examples of work carried out using one or more of the NBI™ profiles.

> Practitioner LOG-IN
All the information and support materials you need to make it as easy as possible for you to use and apply the Neethling Brain Instrument. This Section is for MEMBERS ONLY.

> Practitioner Locator
Find a practitioner near you.
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

> FAQ's

A list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Whole Brain Thinking and the NBI™.

Also the prefect place to ask a question.

> Contact
Contact Whole Brain Thinking.

> Terms and Conditions of Use

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