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NBI™ Scoring

NBI™ licensed practitioner

As soon as someone completes their NBI™ profile on-line, scoring is completed automatically on our server.  The NBI™ profile is then immediately available.  As a licensed NBI™ practitioner you can access the scoring administration centre at any time from any computer anywhere in the World!

This gives you amazing flexibility!  There is no need to download software and you are not tied to scoring and printing from a particular computer.  You can set up your own groups, allocate passwords, score and print at any time, any place! 

You are not dependant on anyone else to get the profiles to you on time.  That last minute profile you need for your workshop or coaching session is ready as soon as the participant has completed the NBI™ on-line.

Or if you prefer we can do everything for you.  As individuals complete the questionnaire on-line we will give you progress reports so that you can follow-up as required.

The completed profile is presented in a distinctive folder with a comprehensive explanation booklet entitled Understanding your Whole Brain. 

We will provide everything you need either in hard copy or through pdf files to download from our website.

We will give you full details on how the scoring process works and how to work with the administration part of the website when you attend the Practitioner Licensing Workshop (PLW).

Corporate user.

If you are a corporate, business, institution, education or government user you will access the NBI™ scoring system via your own in-house NBI™ licensed practitioner or by using an external NBI™ licensed provider.  You will gain from all the benefits described above.

Individual user.

As a private individual you will complete the profile or profiles of your choice on-line using your credit card.  In this case the finished profile will be automatically sent to the email address you entered on registration.  You can download a copy of the booklet ‘Understanding your Whole Brain’ from our website.  Look for the link just below the coloured pencils in the menu.


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