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If you need a licensed NBI™ practitioner please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail, so that we can recommend the most suitable practitioner in your area.

As an alternative, the following NBI™ practitioners have provided their details so that you can contact them directly if you prefer:

Australia | New Zealand | Singapore

Ken Wall
CEO Whole Brain Thinking
Mobile: +61 412 561 768
Email: kenwall@wholebrainthinking.com.au
Cheryl Goss
National Agent and Principal - Whole Brain Thinking Australia
Mobile: +61 438 000 496
Email: australia@wholebrainthinking.com.au
Derek Stamoulis
Leadership Learning Dynamics
Phone: +61 412 962 424
Email: dereks@lld.com.au
Specialising in: A leading international provider of targeted learning initiative in leadership, personal and organizational development, executive coaching and mentoring, education, team improvement, customer service and sales, and creativity and innovation. LLD uses whole brain thinking as a core component in its learning initiatives. LLD is committed to creating and sustaining learning partnerships that will enable individuals to realize their potential and make a difference to themselves, to others and to the organizations that they work in. Also to organizations to achieve the level of excellence required by their stakeholders.
Kathy McKenzie
Living Change
Phone: +61 3 95108272
Mobile: +61 409686772


Website: http://www.fireupcoaching.com.au
Specialising in

Coach Training, Organisational Change Programs, Business and Personal Coaching, NLP and Communication Skills, Health Professionals Leadership Programs - Has worked with ANZ, Australia Post, Department of Human Services, Department of Primary Industries, Queensland Health and many more.

Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 3 9853 5661
Mobile: +61 418 312 110
Email: larry_holmes@bigpond.com

Kerryn Velleman
Kru Consulting
Phone: +61 3 9572 0935
Mobile: +61 401 716 346
Email: velleman@ozemail.com.au
Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta
Brisbane NLPworking4u
Phone: +61 7 3907 0366
Mobile: +61 417 366 487
Email: info@nlpworking4u.com.au
Website: www.nlpworking4u.com.au
Specialising in: Brisbane NLPworking4u Specialises in Certified NLP Trainings, Business & Personal Coaching, Organisational Change, Leadership and Management, Business Communication Skills, Team Building, Transformational Change, Relationships and Personal Development.
We use the NBI™ and the concepts of whole brain thinking as a basis to enhance and add value to our trainings and coaching.
ray daniels
Ray Daniels, PhD (UNSW)
Company Name: CCT Consulting Group
Mobile: +61 408 709 963
Email: ray@raydaniels.com.au
Website: www.raydaniels.com.au
Specialising in: Continuity, Change & Transformation Consulting offers whole brain theory, quality management,
philosophical inquiry and peer coaching as a suite of tools to improve performance in schools, businesses and
not for profit organisations.
Marshall Radcliff
Team Building International
Mobile: +61 402 010 530
Email: marshallrad@optusnet.com.au
Specialising in: Facilitating workshops and training to improve the working relations and performance of adults in the business and education sectors.
We use the NBI™ and the concepts of whole brain thinking as a basis for our training. We also work with other facilitators to provide fun and energising activity breaks at seminars and conferences.
At TBI we also specialise in children and helping them understand the way they think, learn and how to perform better at school. We assist teachers to cater for diversity in the classroom and create challenging and engaging learning environments.
Kay Philips
Bay Consulting Group
Phone +61 2 8912 2104
Mobile +61 412 498 544
Email kay@bayconsulting.com.au
Website: http://www.bayconsulting.com.au/
Specializing in: Bay Consulting Group works with leadership teams to help them create the future. Bay uses whole brain thinking in strategy formulation – whole brain strategic thinking and helps leaders to implement strategy by enhancing their coaching and performance leadership capability using their whole brain coaching model GROWER (C).
Carolyn Crawford
F2F Communications
Phone +61 3 9882 8774
Mobile +61 411 222 360
Email carolync@f2fcommunications.com.au
Web Address www.f2fcommunications.com.au
Specializing in:

Carolyn Crawford has specialised in the area of presentation and communication skills for over 14 years. 

She works with all levels of executive across a broad range of industries, assisting people in becoming more clear, powerful, confident and persuasive in all their daily meetings and presentations.  Clients include: adidas, ANZ, Dept of Education, Dept of Justice, Freehills, Hallmark, IAG, Pilkington Glass, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Telstra among others.
The key philosophy of F2F is “Doing the Basics …. Brilliantly!”  As Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Valentino Rossi are not applying more sophisticated or clever techniques than their opponents, but applying the core skills at the highest levels, so F2F sticks to three core communication-based skill-sets, teaching them to business people at the highest levels to ensure a competitive advantage.  The key skills F2F specialises in are:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Facilitation Skills and
  • Influencing Skills
Shane Stewart
Bay Consulting Group
Phone +61 289 122 104
Mobile +61 411 500 033
Email shane@bayconsulting.com.au
Specializing in: Bay Consulting Group works with leadership teams to help them create the future. Bay uses whole brain thinking in strategy formulation – whole brain strategic thinking and helps leaders to implement strategy by enhancing their coaching and performance leadership capability using their whole brain coaching model GROWER (C
Jason Hamlyn
ThinkSmart BeWise
Phone +61 2 8458 3318
Mobile +61 408 672 989
Email admin@thinksmartbewise.com.au
Website: www.thinksmartbewise.com.au
Specializing in:

Specialising in:

- Building sales team capability
- Sales plan design and implementation
- Sales and marketing integration
- Strategic Business Planning
- Organisational Development
- Change Management
- Program Facilitation
- Coaching

Lindel Greggery
The People Whisperer
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Phone +61 7 5441 3885
Mobile +61 429 696 606
Email thepeoplewhisperer@bigpond.com
Website: www.thepeoplewhisperer.com.au
Specializing in:

Specialising in: Helping individuals and organizations understand themselves and others better in order to communicate effectively and achieve win-win outcomes.
Services include career guidance, recruitment consulting, managing team dynamics, interpersonal communication training and results coaching.

Peter Twist
Mind Matters Training Pty Ltd
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Phone +61 427 008 093
Email peter@mindmatterstraining.com.au
Specializing in:

Based in Brisbane and facilitating nationally and internationally Peter specializes in the following:

- Profiling and advice for career selection
- Profiling and advice for study selection
- Negotiation skills
- Communication skills
- Building high performance work teams
- Consultative Selling
- Think on Your FeetĀ®



Wayne Morris
Future Edge
Phone: +64 6 753 5914
Mobile: +64 27 242 1580
Email: wayne@future-edge.com.nz
Specializing in:  

Debbie Laing
Mind Matters Ltd
Phone: +64 6364 2363
Mobile: +64 21 550 333
Email: debbie@mindmatters.co.nz
Specializing in: Mind Matters works with organizations to improve communication, relationships and business results, by helping people understand their own and other's thinking preferences. Core workshops and coaching include sales training, personal motivation and excellence, building and strengthening teams.
Di Corderoy
Dinamix Limited
Mobile: +64 274 963 545
Email: info@dinamix.co.nz
Website: www.dinamix.co.nz
Specialising in: Dinamix Limited provides coaching and workshops for individuals and groups who work in organisations to assist with their performance issues and personal development and gain the confidence and insight into working better with each other.
Harry Tan
Director Leadership and business coach
Phone: +64 6 353 1928
Mobile: +64 027 241 3938
Email: harrytan@ihug.co.nz
Specializing in: Focusing on leadership, executive and business coaching. We incorporate whole brain thinking in our leadership development programme to transform your power of command and control to one of empowerment, individual and collective synergy, accountability and continuous learning and motivation.
Pete Swinburn
Pipeline Agriculture Ltd
Phone: +64 6 855 4862
Mobile: +64 272 850 465
Email: swiny@xtra.co.nz
Specializing in: Team building and staff management consultancy in the agricultural community utilising the NBI and other tools
Rob Devine
CEO, The Thinking Network Asia, Singapore
Phone: +65 9660 7847
Email: robdevine@thinkingnetwork.co
Website: www.thinkingnetwork.co
Specializing in: Based in Singapore, covering the Asia Pacific Region, Rob specializes in the Neethling Brain Instrument, creativity, innovation, developing tomorrow’s leaders and innovative team building.

Claire Devine
The Thinking Network Asia, Singapore
Phone: +65 9751 8034
Email: clairedevine@thinkingnetwork.co
Website: www.thinkingnetwork.co
Specializing in: Based in Singapore, covering the Asia Pacific Region, Claire specializes in the Neethling Brain Instrument communication and innovative team building.

Joanne Flinn
Shelton Consulting
Phone +65 6275 8874
Email jflinn@sheltonconsulting.com
Website: www.sheltonconsulting.com
Specializing in: Shelton Consulting specialize in project management and organizational change using whole brain thinking to improve team effectiveness, communications and goal achievement.

Noel Tan
Trailblazer Trainers Pte Ltd
Phone +65 9800-2788
Email info@trailblazer.com
Website: www.go-trailblazer.com
Wong Peng Wai
AWS Pty Ltd
Phone +65 6 3271348
Email: wpw@aws.com.sg
Specializing in: Using Whole Brain Technology in our Strategy Thinking and Strategic Human Resource Planning programs.




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